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About me

I've been able to work in several interesting domains throughout my career, from teaching high school kids math, to teaching adult career-changers how to build apps, to consulting on software projects and most recently to building out businesses. Each of those domains on their own is quite compelling to me, although I do my most interesting work at the intersection of all of them. If you'd like to collaborate on something, please reach out.

I've included a few of my favorite projects below. Feel free to look around.

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Selected Projects

Digital Adventures
Technologies: Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS

Digital Adventures Product Revamp

Digital Adventures teaches kids how to make their ideas real with technology

When I joined Digital Adventures as Head of Product, one of my first tasks was to redesign the website. We were bouncing too many potential customers, and we believed it was due to the limited nature of the existing Squarespace template website as well as a confusing registration page. Based on previously created company brand guidelines, I extended existing design language and create a custom web application along with a new registration flow based on customer feedback. The web app also served as a base for building new business processes and consolidated student and customer data.

I also noticed the amount of administrative work that was being done manually using paper, pencil and spreadsheets. Over time, I replaced these manual processes, including attendance, payments and customer information management, with automated web features that drastically reduced time spend on administrative tasks. My more recent work has involved building systems for instructors to assess student learning in a project-based enviornment and efficiently communicate that growth to parents.

Starter League
Technologies: Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Screenflow

Starter League Teacher Fellowship

The Starter League was one of the first tech bootcamps in the country

As the Director of Partnerships for The Starter League, one of my main projects was figuring ways to expand our reach to younger students beyond the full-time bootcamp that was The Starter League's Primary product. I built upon a teacher training program for Chicago Public Schools teachers that was created the year before and addressed concerns of the first teacher cohort including difficulties grasping the material and delivering in the classroom.

The redesigned fellowship cut down the summer training time to three full-time weeks, which shorted the course length by over 60% but only cut out about 30% of the material. The resulting course focused on teaching the fundamentals of web app development through the same custom-made multimedia textbook that teachers would be using with their students during the school year. The flipped, video-supported nature of the lessons along with support throughout the school year allowed us to effectively reach far more students than the first year of the fellowship program.

High School Reach
Technologies: Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS

High School Reach

Applying to high school in Chicago is like applying to college most other places. I worked with Principal Dassigner from Chavez Elementary to design a system that makes the process more transparent for students. This project let students enter their current test scores, grades and address to find out which selective Chicago high schools they were likely to get into. It motivated students to stay on track to get into their dream school.